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mischief nightMischief Night is a horror movie featuring deadly scenes and acts of violence which will make you get scared. But if you are a fun of horror movies, you will love to watch it. It is really captivating. Some of the characters in Mischief Night movie have exceptional qualities. You will admire and hate them in equal measure.Here is the full review of this famous movie.

Mischief Night is directed by Richard Schenkman. It is written by two people: Eric Wilkinson and Jesse Baggett. From the way events unfold, we can clearly tell that writers had the same vision.

In this deadly movie, a guy donning transparent mask sneaks into the room of non-suspecting victims. This happens on the night of mischief. The victim in this case is a young lady who is married to wealthy person. The lady is having bath with her secret lover. Her real husband has traveled to Tokyo.She takes advantage of this situation to commit adultery. The masked guy does not have mercy. He brutally kills them. We then meet another character called Emily Watson.

Emily is asthmatic. She is also blind. This was brought about by a fatal accident which occurred 9 years ago, killing her mother. She is the only one who survived. She felt guilty, thinking that if she would have prevented the accident, her mother could still be alive. From then on,she developed psychosomatic symptoms which led to loss of her sight. It also affected the functioning of her lungs. As a result, she became blind and asthmatic.

Despite the fact that she is blind, she still does lots of things on her own. Her disability is not inability. The love of her father David and boyfriend Jimmy keep her strong and moving. She leads a normal teenage life. She event wants to learn how to ski. The teenage girl plans to have her first date after accident. The date happens to be on Mischief Night. What a coincidence!

Drama ensues as the blind girl meets the masked guy. At this point, many questions criss-cross your mind. Will the brutal guy kill the blind girl? How will the girl discover that the guy in the room is a total stranger and not her boyfriend?

The man wearing a plastic mask touches her hair. The blind girl thinks that it is the boyfriend doing so. Unfortunately it will not enter in top ten valentine gifts for her. It is kind of fun.

Other characters are introduced. They come to terms with demons. The scene is horrifying. A number of stock scenes are pulled together as the movie continues. This is very entertaining.

Emily goes through emotional turmoil. She expected to meet her boyfriend but instead encountered a killer who plays with her feelings. We are not told the motive of killing the woman and her lover when the movie begins. The movie ends on a horrifying note but many questions are left unswered.


In conclusion, Mischief Night features horrific scenes. There is also fun. This makes it stand out from other horror movies. If you haven’t watched it, make a point and do so. It is really entertaining. You will love it.

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