Daniel Hugh Kelly’s Career

Daniel Hugh Kelly

The Mischief Night film was released in the year 2013. This horror film had a plot of a home invasion during Halloween. The victim being terrorized by a hooded killer was a young woman who was suffering from psychosomatic blindness. Daniel Hugh Kelly was a star actor in this film. Kelly was born in 1952 and is an American actor. He was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey and he graduated high school in 1970. In 1974 he graduated from St. Vincent College. He gained a scholarship and went to the Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

This actor starred in a few different acting shows that included off-Broadway, on Broadway, regional, and television. He also starred on a few daytime TV series. He played a role from 1983 to 1986 in the TV series called Hardcastle and McCormick. His acting career is still present today. Mischief Night was written and directed by Richard Schenkman. The film is eighty-seven minutes long. On the East Coast, people celebrate the film starting October 30 through Halloween. The killer in this film is mysterious and stalking. The victim was shown fighting for her life to survive.

In the film Mischief Night, Kelly made an excellent and wonderful performance. The official trailer can be viewed online. The producers of this film were Richard Schenkman, Jesse Baggett, and Eric Wilkinson. This horror thrilling film displays many pulsing scenes. Some fans say this film can be compared to the movie Scream. The can still be purchased today on DVD.

During 2013, the film was released on DVD, but it had limited theater release. This movie was nominated and won best DVD and Blu-ray Release at the Saturn Awards. It has received mostly positive rating and reviews as well. Kelly has has a very successful filmography career and even today his acting is drawing the attention of many fans and friends.

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